We believe in hiring the best.
    Good, honest people work right here.
    And we believe you could be one of them.
    All you need is enthusiasm, responsibility and drive.


    (Upper East Coast Road)

    Job Position: Servers (Part-time: 4 to 6 hours per day)

    Job Type: Service

    Job Requirements:
    Speaks English
, Fluent in Malay, Enthusiastic
, Responsible, Will be sent to Disney Institute (Singapore) to attend Service Excellence Courses,
    $7 per hour

    Job Position: Supervisors (Full-time)
    Job Type: Management

    Job Requirements:
    Min. 2 years in a Managerial/Supervisory position in the F&B industry, Good command of English, Ability to lead a team
, Responsible, $1200 - $1600 per month, depending on experience. 

    Job Position: Assistant Cooks (Full-time & Part-time)
    Job Type: Café Kitchen 
    Job Requirements:

    No experience necessary as training will be provided, Enjoys cooking, Understands simple English
-clean and tidy and has good understanding of basic hygiene standards, Successful full-time applicants will be sent to “At-Sunrice” for culinary training,
    $1000 per month or $7 per hour


    (Bedok North Ave 4)

    Job Position: Assistant to Pastry Chef (Full-time)
    Job Type: Central Kitchen

    Job Requirements:
    Min. 2 years experience in cake production or cake decoration OR graduate from ITE 
- creative, Hard-working
, Willing to learn, Keen interest in Cakes & Pastries, Successful applicants will be sent to relevant courses to upgrade your skills,
    $1500 per month, depending on experience/qualifications.



    When you're a part of our family, you'll enjoy a competitive salary, generous training programmes to upgrade your skills, annual holidays and more! In short, you get:

    - Competitive salary

    - Free uniforms

    - Free staff meals

    - Subsidized Medical fees

    - Annual holidays

    - An extra day off for every year of service

    - Extensive Training programmes