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  • café Job Openings

    (Upper East Coast Road)

    Job Position: Servers (Part-time: 4 to 6 hours per day)

    Job Type: Service

    Job Requirements:
    Speaks English
, Fluent in Malay, Enthusiastic
, Responsible, Will be sent to Disney Institute (Singapore) to attend Service Excellence Courses,
    $7 per hour

    Job Position: Supervisors (Full-time)
    Job Type: Management

    Job Requirements:
    Min. 2 years in a Managerial/Supervisory position in the F&B industry, Good command of English, Ability to lead a team
, Responsible, $1200 - $1600 per month, depending on experience.

    Job Position: Assistant Cooks (Full-time & Part-time)
    Job Type: Café Kitchen
    Job Requirements:

    No experience necessary as training will be provided, Enjoys cooking, Understands simple English
-clean and tidy and has good understanding of basic hygiene standards, Successful full-time applicants will be sent to “At-Sunrice” for culinary training,
    $1000 per month or $7 per hour

  • Production Kitchen Job Openings

    (Bedok North Ave 4)

    Job Position: Assistant to Pastry Chef (Full-time)
    Job Type: Central Kitchen

    Job Requirements:
    Min. 2 years experience in cake production or cake decoration OR graduate from ITE 
- creative, Hard-working
, Willing to learn, Keen interest in Cakes & Pastries, Successful applicants will be sent to relevant courses to upgrade your skills,
    $1500 per month, depending on experience/qualifications.



    When you're a part of our family, you'll enjoy a competitive salary, generous training programmes to upgrade your skills, annual holidays and more! In short, you get:

    - Competitive salary

    - Free uniforms

    - Free staff meals

    - Subsidized Medical fees

    - Annual holidays

    - An extra day off for every year of service

    - Extensive Training programmes



    If you are a Singaporean or a PR, or a dependant-pass holder, we welcome you to join us. Submit your application via the form below.

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